Boxer Puppies | Aug 2022

**All the Puppies from this page are Sold**

Take a look at the AKC Boxer Puppies from Spice and Coração. All the necessary details about the puppies can be found below.

Dog Parents

Spice (Fawn Female)

Wonderful and playful female. Spice loves to play with kids and catch toys, specially sphere balls. She is peaceful and only barks if she sees someone she does not know.

Coracao (Brindle Male)

Coração: ⭐ 05/20/2013 ✝️ 01/18/2023.

Our founder and the main reason for this website to exist; with him and the love he provided, you probably would be here reading this paragraph. He came from Brazil, and… “Read More” by clicking on the button.

Boxer Puppies Price, Photos and Information

AKC Boxer Puppies

We are located in the East Bay Area, Clayton, California. Please reach out to us for more information regarding each puppy. We can also provide more pictures and information regarding the littler.

Please get in touch with us for more information regarding the litter. After a phone call, we follow the procedures:

  1. Phone Call 📱
  2. Phone Video Call 🖥️
  3. Personal Meeting if necessary 🐶
  4. Puppy Delivery and Payment 💵🐶💗