Female Fawn Boxer | Spice Girl

Spice is one of the best companion and boxer dogs you can imagine. Her remarkable personality and manner will be a perfect fit to live in an apartment or with senior citizens.

She is calm, relaxed and loves to spend energy chasing balls. She can be a little rough once she competes with other dogs to chase her toy, not in a violent way, but because she wants to catch the ball first than anyone else and sometimes can hit with her muscular body. She only has good intentions.

Spice, it’s not a hungry boxer. Once we offer food to her, she smells it slowly, smells it again, and another boxer usually eats her treat. She doesn’t mind. Spice is all about toys, affection, and giving love.

Female Boxer Pictures (Spice)

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Where Spice Came From?

Spice came from Oklahoma, from an special breeder, and she travelled 1,600 miles with a trustful pet transporter.

Spice Behavior/Personality

As we mentioned before, Spice is a quiet and adorable dog. I’ve never seen her getting aggressive or trying to attack someone or another dog. She is curious and loves toys; that’s how she gets attention. Spice brings toys for you so you can throw them for her, and she will catch them as fast as possible. Most of the time, she is playful, happy, and an excellent listener. Her personality perfectly aligns with seniors; she can live in tiny houses and does not bark, only if something strange happens.

On top of all this, Spice is a great friend of our 2-year-old toddler. Even when my daughter tries to squeeze her, she finds a way out to escape and keep away from my stick daughter’s hands without being violent or rude.
We love Spice very, very much!